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Morá is a self-taught contemporary artist.  She was born in Spain and now she lives and works in England.

She has studied teaching at a University in Spain and she has worked as a teacher in several schools.

A tragic event in her life changed her views and outlook. Suppressing her feelings and emotions, she found herself immersed in feelings of sadness.

Art allowed her to channel her trapped feelings transforming the pain of loss into tools and knowledge, discovering a new identity and developing a unique style.

She uses acrylic and sprays to create a background with lively, bright and fluorescent colours and then she outlines the shadow of a female muse´s face. A variety of techniques and media are used in her work: acrylic painting, ink, spray painting, paper sourced from books, newspapers, comics, stencils.


She also likes trying different styles as she considers this is the best way of learning. She has held exhibitions in Spain, Gibraltar and England and is currently working on a new project in the UK.


“Art has helped me to unleash my sadness and has guided me through the process of discovering  my creative self, my inner artist”